On-board sensor tracks your kiteboarding sesh

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Promising product ! The sport community seems to be very active around it. Definitely gives me the need to try this fun in action ! :) Where is my boaaaard ? :)
Yeah, looks really cool idea! Kitesurfing sport really has the community spirit and I can see the product letting everyday surfers to actually compete without need of actually driving of flying to a competition :)
Our vision is to turn action sports into a big online game - play Tony Hawk skateboarding in the real world vs. the TV screen. That's why WOO Sports created the WOO - an innovative wearable for action sports that measures things like airtime, jump height, g-force, slope conditions, among many other key metrics.
Interesting idea, though the site didn't help me understand how the sensor would adapt for other action sports (freeski/snowboarding, skate, inline, etc). I was a semi-pro freeskier back in the day and this seems really cool, but number of jumps/highest jump don't seem super applicable. Though the hangtime counter would be fun (esp in the halfpipe).
I've been following you almost since since day one, love your communication / spirit / product. Great execution, Well done guys...