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Please keep the weekly schedule. It's really refreshing to find a website that doesn't want your eyeballs every day, but simply wants to do one thing and do it well. It might be true that some people will forget about it this way, but there's a growing number of people appreciating this kind of thing. So it's probably more of a shift in traget users rather than a strict narrowing. Don't know what to think about the required mail sign-up if you want infos about the song though. I can see why you're doing it, but as a user it's a huge hassle. And since I'm trying to cut down on newsletters and mails in general I'll probably not sign up. So this way, it suddenly isn't about the artist anymore, but simply about you trying to do some free marketing for your (cool looking) app and me listing to a piece of music without the possibility to support the artist. Still, keep up the good work. Music could really use some good curating with a focus not on categorizing huge amounts of music into giant playlists, but on cutting down the options.
Hi @jonasmerlins ! Thank you for taking the time to write this and for your vision. The sign-up is not about free marketing for our app because we have more audience with The Best Song than The Week Song. It's the opposite, we want to give the audience we have with The Best Song to one artist each week. But we wanted to try something so minimal you can't be influenced by any name during the listening. The "Ask infos" feature is about creating a new way to hunt the level of "loveness" of a track, something more meaningful than a simple like. Then after we send by email a whole package about the artist, not just his name. But maybe there is a better way to do it in the future, we just launched yesterday we still have a lot to do to create a batter music curation. Thanks again.
@adrienmoret Okay, I can see where you’re coming from and really like the idea of a distraction free experience I have to commit to, with the potential for more valuable information. My problem is mainly that the user is not only getting information about the artist, but onto your mailing list as well. A very powerful move would be a well placed, clear guarantee that this interaction is a one-off thing, with a way to opt in to future correspondence.
@jonasmerlins You're right. The best thing would be to send users infos about the song, saying that we'll update them every week when a new song is coming, but that they can unsuscribe if they don't want to stay in our mailing list.
@jonasmerlins I agree here. The forced signup is a huge barrier to entry that both deters me as a user and would deter me as an artist. Many artists I speak to are averse to this sort of funneling because it provides an unnecessary obstacle for people to find their music. The weekly feature is nice, but with so many amazing songs and artists to choose from, I wonder how it can be done fairly, which might be another drawback for artists who are not featured.
@adammarx13 @jonasmerlins Hi Adam, thanks for your point of view. I have to say that finding amazing unknown songs that can't be Shazamable or found on Spotify etc. is really not that easy, and it's been years since I work in the music discovery field! It's the absolute hunt.
Love the simplicity of the site and that they're focusing on unknown music/artists (from the about page: "Don’t try to shazam it, these songs are too underground!") Although their pick won't be perfect for everyone, limiting to one song a day creates a watercooler effect among those that use the service.
Thanks Ryan! Appreciate it a lot!
@adrienmoret how come only once a week? I'm all for "slow discovery" but once a day seems like the right cadence.
@rrhoover We want to give the artist more than a day of exposure for a start. A day might be short to help an emerging artist getting the visibility he deserves. But if we see that the first day is enough to do real emphasizing job we'll do it once a day.
@adrienmoret @rrhoover but limiting to 1/week limits the chance that people will remember you and remember to check you out every week
@_jacksmith @rrhoover You're totally right, but finding an incredible song not shazamable every day is not that easy :) We'll add the "subscribe by email" possibility as a first step
@_jacksmith @adrienmoret @rrhoover I agree with this sentiment. The problem with the timing imo is that it leads to forgetting and thus seems not to be ideal for creating a communal effect. While discoverability is definitely a great thing to have, both as a consumer and as an artist, it doesn't fill the entire void between those two demographics. Community supersedes discovery at a certain point because it includes it and focuses it towards a more dynamic end. Anyone who knows me knows I love the idea here of spotlighting independent artists. However, there are SO many artists to highlight, that I think the only conducive way to do so long term is to cultivate a community that has a longevity built into it.
We'll try to highlight very different music styles, showcasing the most kept/liked songs from our app "The Best Song" which are still totally unknown!
Thanks for your support everyone!!!
@shayanegredoire I wouldn't wait much longer on adding the email form, you're missing a great chance to build strong user base via newsletter with your PH launch. A modal at the end of the song would be a great place to snag it. :)
@frantzlight @shayanegredoire Actually you can subscribe by asking infos, but we'll add a subscribe button!