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@alantsen Hey Alan, can you tell us a bit more about 'The Week in Bitcoin', what's the BIG idea and how did it get started?
The Week in Bitcoin - curated Bitcoin news and commentary delivered to your inbox weekly. It's a great way of learning about Bitcoin from a personal voice of Alan Tsen, co-orgainser of Melbourne Bitcoin meetup. Delievered with a slight wit and understanding of the cryptyocurrency.
Thanks for hunting us @stringstory! About a year ago I noticed an increasing number of Bitcoin and blockchain tech related articles. The sheer volume of noise made it really hard to actually keep up with the important news in the space. I looked around for a curated newsletter that covered all the really great content out there on Bitcoin and I just couldn’t find one that (1) didn’t have an agenda to push or (2) had enough personality to bring me back every week. At that point, I decided to create one myself. The goal was to present some of my thoughts on what was happening in the industry and to also curate 10 or so of the most important news pieces from the week. Let me know what you think and obviously subscribe ( and follow us on Twitter ( 😃
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