The Watercooler

Online community for leaders looking to become better

Where do you go to talk about leadership? The Watercooler is the online community of leaders we always wish we had. If you're a manager, executive, or founder who wants to talk candidly about how to build a great workplace, The Watercooler is for you.

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👋 Hiya there! I'm Claire, CEO of Know Your Company, and I'm honored to share with the Product Hunt community something @danielvlopes and I have been dreaming up for a while: The Watercooler – an online community for leaders looking to become better. I’ve spent my entire working life trying to answer the question, "How do I become a better leader?" The answer, unfortunately, has never been very clear. I found books to be one-sided, conferences require you to be there in-person, and mentors who I trust not always available (nor do they always have the experience or answers I’m looking for!) So we built The Watercooler. No matter where you live, no matter where your company is located in the world, we now all can support each other on the path to becoming better leaders. In launching our private beta 14 days ago with 130+ managers and business owners, it’s been amazing to see the conversations, honest insights shared, and helpful advice exchanged in such a short amount of time. We’ve discussed topics like “how to let someone go” and “how we run our all-hands meeting” and “how to create fairness between locations in a distributed company.” As a CEO myself, it's made me feel like, “Phew, I’m not alone!” and helped me think through my actions and thought-processes on certain topics. I’d love to include you in the conversation. And, please feel free to share it with friends and colleagues who you think might benefit and add value to the community. Would love to know what you think in the comments below. And, hope to see you at The Watercooler! 😊
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I like the design and name. 👏🏼 Interesting to see the upfront membership fee. Curious to hear how you decided to take that approach and its pricing, @cjlew23.
@rrhoover Thank you! 🙏 Means a lot to us to hear from you. Re: upfront membership fee – We wanted to ensure that the community would remain high-quality and well-moderated. So we crunched the numbers of what it would take to cover maintenance costs, and how much time both @danielvlopes and I might spend popping in and moderating discussions. At the same time, we also kept in mind that we didn't want The Watercooler to be expensive – it shouldn't cost more than what someone pays for coffee in a given month. So we settled on $20/mo (or $200/yr), with the option to cancel at anytime. Appreciate you asking the question!