The Wall Farm by Click & Grow

The easiest way to grow fresh food indoors sustainably

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Liina Ilves
Hi! We've just launched at new product on Kickstarter! Let me know what you think: https://goo.gl/ltXXL8


Liina Ilves
Hey, guys! We've just launched an indoor Wall Farm that will make growing fresh food indoor affordable and easy and we're super excited to be sharing it with you. The product line features 2 farms with different sizes, one of the Farms is a connected product. What do you guys think? We're definitely looking for feedback! A little bit about our technology: I… See more
Shlok Vaidya
@shloky · Integration Product at Planview, Writer
Hmm. $59.95 per 20 refills per month. The smaller one fits 40 and the bigger one 60. $60 of fresh produce a month... without the variation and such of a CSA. I mean, it's pretty, but, as is my critique of the other Click and Grow product (of which, admittedly, I have two), there's a pricing premium that feels painful.
Simon St John
@simonstjohn · Founder, swapnights.com
Love it. Hope you guys grow as fast and healthy as your produce!
Julia Volyanska
@juljuly · CMO for AI and AR startups
Really great idea and execution!
Brandi Hawn
These are really cool! <3