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This week's topics: Snapchat acquires Seene, a 3D modeling platform: could this point to a bigger plan regarding augmented reality for Snapchat? Seebright creates the first smartphone-powered AR handheld headset; ODG & OTOY, two Hollywood-backed powerhouses, partner to create “Project Horizon” and AR device and platform; HTC Vive releases a “Business Edition” HMD; Google Daydream Labs tease some social virtual reality experiences; Facebook enables 360 native photos; turn any Tumblr into a VR art gallery; Getty Images launches a VR initiative, and more! Special thanks to our guests: Kyle Riesenbeck aka “Reverend Kyle”: VR/AR developer and podcaster @reverendkjr Matthew Terndrup: VR/AR industry analyst @industrychanger Eric Chevalier: co-founder of VRScout @ekchevalier Hosted by Malia Probst @themalia Our podcast is the audio from a weekly live, participatory video show - every Thursday @ 7PM PST/10PM EST. Join us live here: http://www.VRScout.com/podcast