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ML Tech reviewedThe Views NewsA new take on news developed by a 17 year old - iOS & tvOS

Simple design. Really fast. Fun, new features. Felicity is a stroke of genius. Hard to believe this app was developed by a 17 year old!


Not available on Android but the developer has said below that he’s working on a website.

TLDR: The fact that a high schooler has developed a news app worthy of competing against high startups and companies shows the tenacity and vision he has and is automatically a guarantee that this app will only get much, much better.

So I’ve been using this app since early June when it was featured in the iOS App Store’s New Apps We Love. At first, I was hesitant: “Another news app?” But that all changed the moment I downloaded it. First, the app only shows you the top headlines so unlike other news apps, it doesn’t present you with a large stream of information. Behind the scenes, everything works smooth and really fast. You can expect news at any time of the day.

There are also a lot of innovative features which make the app really stand out. Trending Polls is a great way to communicate with users and see what other have to say about the Trending Story. Felicity is simple out of this world. Sure, there are better smart assistants, but never one that has been specifically honed in for news. While it does only search for people, places, and organizations, the developer has said that he is developing his own machine learning algorithm to improve it.

Overall, it’s hard to imagine that a 17 year old developed this app which is much better than Apple News! The fact that it’s only one person shows that there is no agenda. He’s also pretty active on Twitter listening to your feedback so you know the app will always be improving. Anyways, that’s my $0.02.

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