The Underground King (Kickstarter)

Underground races with junkyard cars & gutter-punk drivers.

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Hi! I'm Alex from The Underground King! We are the last game to ever be on Steam Greenlight! Kotaku has written about us here: And we also got a very nice review from our friend Jim Sterling: At the moment, we are running a Kickstarter campaign, and we could really use your support! If you like what we're about, we kindly ask you to check it out, claim a reward if it attractive and share it to your friends! We've had a lot of people contributing and it means the world to us! Thank you in advance!
Hi, guys! So, here is a short description for this game: The Underground King is an upcoming narrative - racing - manager RPG for PC, MAC, Linux and AirConsole where you recruit the city's low-lives, assemble junkyard cars and have them compete in street racing events for profit and infamy! I know the team behind this game worked so hard and I'm happy to share it with you. In case you want to support it, it's on Kickstarter right now. Fun fact: it was the last game on Greenlight. Hope you like it! :)