The Ultimate Mac User Book

The guide that should be in the box with every new Mac

#2 Product of the DayFebruary 18, 2020
A 500-page journey through macOS created by Setapp, a subscription-based service for Mac apps. For newbie Mac users, Windows switchers, and anyone who wants to upgrade their macOS knowledge.
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3 years ago we created Setapp — the first subscription-based service for Mac apps. Since that time, we’ve grown a lot and learned many ways to get the most of our Mac. So many that the Setapp team decided to put them together into a book. Here it is. We hope it will help all Mac users be more productive.
@kosovan viva Ukraine! congrats
Thrilled to announce our Ultimate Mac User Book, a Mac manual inspired by Setapp. Let me answer the main question right away. You’re probably wondering why would someone create an actual 700 page book for something as advanced as an Apple computer. Well, first of all, a MacBook and a Mac Book make a perfect word play. But the main reason is we just have a lot to say. As a writer running the Setapp Blog, I’ve noticed an interesting thing: When someone googles “How to do this and that on Mac,” they’ll often come across a single (pretty random) workflow. Setapp is a good example of a service that helps you do many things differently, using different apps. This book follows the same idea, teaching you to solve Mac issues using both native and third-party tools. We hope you’ll check it out and let us know what you think!
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I love my Mac. It’s a combination of minimalist design and efficient software — which I think can be upgraded even more. And that’s what we’re aiming for with Setapp, a curated collection of Mac apps. The fundamental problem that Setapp solves is making the choice of apps easier. The Ultimate Mac User Book does a similar job. It simplifies the choice of instructions on how to use a Mac, limiting it to a single, understandable guide. Give it as a gift to your friend who’s switching from Windows. Or gift it to yourself — this book has tons of ready-to-use workflows for designers, students, developers, and anyone who wants to be productive on a Mac. And don’t forget to share your feedback! If you think there’s a missing trick or workflow that should be included in the book, feel free to share it as well. We’ll do our best to include it in the next edition or share it on the Setapp blog.
The main idea behind the illustrations for The Ultimate Mac User Book was to depict a curious character, someone who’s constantly on a search for powerful Mac tools. This character guides you across all chapters. Sometimes he’ll appear with a cat too. Hope you’ll find the book both informative and fun to read!
@gakman_andrew The illustration work on this book is really lovely and pleasant, congrats!
Must read for newbie Mac users 🖥🐣