The Ultimate Guide To Medium (eBook)

How I made $10k from one story & other viral strategies

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I've been fortunate enough to have some great success on Medium, and I figured it was time to share my learnings, tips, and tricks with the world. I spent over 150 hours researching and writing this eBook so that you can become a total pro in just a couple hours. It's what I call a living book, too - It's actually published right on Medium itself. (See the AWESOME reasons I did that.) I'm constantly evolving and updating it based on reader feedback to make sure you always have the most accurate and relevant info! You can get a sneak peek of the first chapter here!
@gregmuender amazing guide. Unfortunately, I can't acces to it, because I'm based in Cuba. Any chance to pay you in other form? Perhaps writing a review about the ebook. What do you think?
Honored to have helped out with this ebook for my buddy Greg. I read a copy of the earlier version and was impressed by how thorough it is. Hopefully @gremuender will jump on here to provide more details.
Just purchased it. Thanks!
@erictwillis Awesome Eric! Thanks for buying! I really think you'll enjoy it!
We just hit our 100th vote, thanks for all the support 'Hunters! See the official milestone tweet from @producthunt here.
There's some great tips in here! You can tell just by looking at Greg's Medium stats that he's not one of those authors that never tries their own tactics. He actually practices what he preaches.