The Ultimate Guide to Effective Data Collection

Everything you need to design a survey & collect better data

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@surendrab what's the most useful tip from this book?
@katesegrin While Surendran is thinking about it, I'm going to add my two cents. My favorite part is the 3 key tips for increasing sample accuracy without having to increase the sample size. (In case anyone's curious, those tips are to check for population specification error, sample frame error, and non-response error.) However, that's likely not the most useful part, since only a subset of surveys need to think about sampling. The most useful tip is probably the importance of thinking through your survey from the very beginning — forming your research question, using the question to figure out the outcomes you need to track, and coming up with a set of clear indicators to measure each outcome. I know it's basic, but it's something that very few people actually do. If you can come up with a clean set of indicators, it becomes super simple to make a concise, targeted survey. And the more targeted your survey is, the easier it is to clean the data and draw accurate conclusions.