The UI Audit

Gain control of UI/UX issues in your web app

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I just read the first chapter, but this book seems super useful for anyone who is building online products! It is filled with actionable advice. As it is targeted towards founders (I believe that it is useful for others too), Jane promises to do her best to help you. This is picked out from the book: "I pledge allegiance to you, the founder. I have the highest respect for your role. I have the highest respect for your time. I’m doing my best to help you, the founder, build that good enough UI that will make your customers happy, and bring you profit and peace of mind." 'Nuff said...
@kovlex Thank you Levi!
Hello my friends, and thanks Charlie for hunting! I’ve been working on this book since last summer, and it’s so awesome to see it here on Product Hunt. The UI Audit helps you to find and fix design flaws in web applications. It also helps founders and product managers to define the product strategy and deal with new features. This audit method was developed specifically for web applications. I conducted a number of client audits and reviewed my friends’ software, all to find and analyze common design issues. The book quite opinionated and doesn’t have any illustrations — it’s an exercise (with worksheets) that you can complete with your own product. So far the feedback has been amazing, I hope you enjoy it as well! Happy to answer any questions.
I'm always excited when Jane creates something new! Nothing but the best from her, highly recommend this!
@mojcamars Thanks for the nice words Mojca! :)