The Uber Game

Can you make it in the gig economy?


The Uber Game is online game by The FT.

You're a full-time Uber driver with two kids to support, and a $1000 mortgage payment due in a week.

Can you earn enough to pay the bill — and make more than other players? Find out!

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9 Reviews4.4/5

Step into the life of an Uber driver - what is it like - what are your fears and concerns? Can you win?


This is really well done and clearly created with empathy


None that I can find after a day of playing.

I played for 10 mins and I had enough.


It seemed like a good idea.


Not enough options.

If you want to truly understand where the so-called 'gig economy' is going, this little simulation is for you. It's challenging and depressing all at once. Maybe people will better understand all this 'disruption' and such? Doubtful but one can hope.


Easy ability to armchair drive an uber.


nothing material