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Eoghan McCabe is the CEO and co-founder of @Intercom. The customer communications platform that has taken the SaaS world by storm in the last few years with 116m in VC funding from truly some of the world’s best including Bessemer, @SocialCapital and @IndexVentures. Prior to Intercom, he founded Contrast, an award-winning software design consultancy, and co-founded Exceptional, a developer tool startup acquired in 2011 and now a part of Rackspace. Huge thanks to @mamoonha and @jasonlk for making the introduction to Eoghan today. In Today’s Episode You Will Learn: 1.) How Eoghan came to found Intercom? 2.) Question From Andy McLoughlin: What were the biggest lessons from your previous startups? 3.) How did Eoghan find the early fundraising process? How did he come to meet his angel investors? How did he get them to look beyond the product and invest in him? 4.) Eoghan raised his Series B just 6 months after his Series A. Why was this so quick? How did he select his investors? 5.) What separates good from truly great CEOs? How has Eoghan seen his own management style changed over the Intercom journey? Items Mentioned In Today’s Show: Eoghan’s Fave Blog: @SaaStr, The @Intercom Blog
nicely done fellow McCabe! :-p