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I'm the founder. Thanks @mijustin for posting! Excited to share this with hunters. A bit more background: we've all been part of design projects that go south. People get frustrated and argue over minor things like "make the logo bigger". There are 2 sides to that. Designers need to learn to advocate for their work; to be teachers and prove the value of working with them. Non-designers need to educate themselves a bit more on what design can do. This will cool off the heated reactions that sometimes happen during projects. Designers can be the creative mentor, if you will. Non-designers won't need to worry so much when they see a design the first time, as they'll understand what's happening. I've been using these strategies in my own consulting business for 8 months now, and it's gone very well for me. Thanks for reading. Would love to hear what you think. Edit: About my future plans. I put a lot of effort into making the free course useful, and that's not going to change. I'm also working on 2 editions of an ebook, for designers and non-designers. The version for designers will include presentation materials and other assets to help train clients & coworkers about design.
I just got the first lesson for non-designers, and it blew my socks off! Really great writing. Loved this part: Purpose is critical when evaluating design because instead of judging based upon aesthetics, which are dominated by personal taste and plagued with subjectivity, it's easy to measure whether a purpose is achieved.
This is SO AWESOME. Well done sir, well done.
@pjrvs Thank you sir! :)
@studiofellow Thank you and I love the artwork! Looking forward to the books also
@siwicadilly Thanks! The character illustrations are by Meg Robichaud. Highly recommend her:
Kudos for the design!