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Ryan Sarver
Ryan Sarver@rsarver · Partner at @redpointvc. <3er of products
My favorite of all the podcasts. @tferriss finds people exceptional in some way and has an amazing ability to dig into what makes them tick so that you might be able to learn from it.
Erik Torenberg
Erik TorenbergHiring@eriktorenberg · Former Product Hunt
@rsarver @tferriss what guests do you want to see on the podcast that haven't been there yet? Me: Ben Horowitz Reid Hoffman Louie C.K John McPhee David Remnick Eminem (hey, his new album is coming out, not impossible) Pico Ayer Alain De Botton
Dominik Gruber
Dominik Gruber@the_dom · Software Engineer
@eriktorenberg @rsarver @tferriss I'd love to hear interviews with the following people: Steve Backshall, @SteveBackshall Derren Brown, @DerrenBrown Richard Dawkins, @RichardDawkins Amazing people and it'd also be interesting because they are not connected with the tech/startup scene like most guests Tim had so far.
Daniel Kao
Daniel Kao@diplateevo · diplateevo
@rsarver @tferriss I really want to see (hear): Christopher Nolan Seth Godin Paul Graham and Jessica Livingston Mark Zuckerburg Elon Musk Banksy
Adam Kazwell
Adam KazwellHunter@kaz · Product manager/observer
Sorry for the vague show description...was tough to summarize the broad range of guests & topics. To use that word again, it's interesting to hear how Tim goes about picking his guests' brains. From vague to super specific questions, you get the sense that he is truly trying to learn each person's methods for greatness. Favorite Episodes: #2 - Josh Waitzkin. Seems like the yin to Tim's yang. While Tim looks for a hack to get 80% of the benefit with 20% of the effort, Josh gives 120% effort to master chess and martial arts. #4 - Ryan Holiday. Unexpected deep talk on life philosophies from a marketing dude ;) #25-27 - Kevin Kelly. Where to begin? All three episodes are great - learn from the master of creating your own path. Other enjoyable episodes: #7,8, 14, 24, 39
Dominik Gruber
Dominik Gruber@the_dom · Software Engineer
I have listened to all episodes and my favourites so far were: Kevin Kelly (Co-Founder of WIRED) - @kevin2kelly They dig into some quite unusual subjects such as the Amish community. Kevin's backstory is also really fascinating. Tracy DiNunzio (Founder of Tradesy) - @TracyDiNunzio Yes, this is yet another startup founder story ... in a good way! Tony Robbis (Life Coach) - @tonyrobbins Even though something strikes me quite sketchy about the guy, I really enjoyed this interview. Good stories about meetings with people like Obama in there.
Aaron Hanson
Aaron Hanson@crixlet
@the_dom Agreed! The 3 part Kevin Kelly show was awesome. I"m still thinking about that show. Also, I didn't know how cool of a guy Tony Robbins was. Love his advice there.
Justin Kazwell
Justin Kazwell@just_kaz · Founder & CEO of Tribute Inc.
@kaz Biggest thing for me is Tim takes notes, this is huge to me because taking notes on my iphone when listening to a podcast is a nightmare... also when I'm listening to a podcast it's mostly likely because I can't use my hands (biking, driving, running). Includes general show notes, links, and books mentioned.