The Talos Principle

A philosophical first-person puzzle game

This game redefined for me what a game can share with its player, along a puzzle adventure. You will play as a droid resolving puzzle in a FPS view with different mechanics, while a voice will talk to you about meaning of life. Times to times you will be engaged in a discussion with an A.I. using command line prompts and this A.I. will ask you questions about your conscience, nature of human beings, goals in your life, differences between an animal and a human, etc... This is without any doubt my best experience this year, the "true" ending literally blew my mind. I didn't except that much from Croteam (Serious Sam...), they impressed me a lot ! And the first DLC came out few days ago, called "road to gehenna", more difficulty and new story parts, I can't wait to try it ! Good job, Sam.
@cayou66 I agree, just a great game. I read an article the other day on how The Talos Principle started out as another Serious Sam game, but then somehow Croteam went into a totally different direction. I'll see if I can find it.
@vdessertenne From what I know, they started by making a new weapon for the Serious Sam franchise, and they thought that this weapon is so much fun it would be great to make a game with that.