The Submit List

A directory of sites that accept link submissions.

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There are hundreds, if not thousands, of sites (with real visitors) that welcome link submissions. The problem is trying to find them all. The submit list is a comprehensive and categorized directory of sites that accept link submissions.You can easily narrow your search to find sites that are best matched to accept your link.
@kwdinc I like the concept - but it feels a little buggy. i.e. the registration button in the right brings up 10 of the same forms.
Great concept, though it still requires a lot of searching and clicking to find out if I'd want to be submitted on that particular site. It would be cool if there would be like "packages" for most popular industries.
This looks like a good collection of web directories, but I'm not sure about the paid service.
Good morning, this is a super helpful tool for us at as we start scaling our sales & marketing efforts. I was able to search for something like startups - which gave me a nice short list of potential sites we should be on and also potential small companies we should be targeting as early-adopters. Though, is it possible to search for "content affiliation", e.g. all lists with people interested in marketing or games? Thanks and keep up the good work! Evgeni