The State of Growth Marketing

Why companies adopt growth marketing and you should too.

A free research on how companies do growth marketing and what challenges they face made by Growth Marketing Stage team.
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Hi 👋 Product Hunt community! Here is a new free eBook made by Growth Marketing Stage team. What you will ​NOT​ find in this ebook: - There is ​no​ definition of growth marketing. - There is ​no​ explanation of what growth marketing actually means. - There is ​no​ clarification on whether growth marketing or growth hacking is the right term today. What you ​WILL​ find in this ebook: - Data on growth marketing adoption: 1. How many organizations adopted growth marketing already. 2. How many of them find value in growth marketing. 3. What is good about growth marketing. 4. Challenges marketers face when implementing growth marketing. 5. Reasons for not trying growth marketing. 6. Reasons why marketers plan to try growth marketing. - Data on investment into growth marketing: 1. Which companies plan to increase investment into growth marketing. 2. Which companies plan to decrease investment into growth marketing. - Data on growth marketing execution: 1. In-house VS hiring an agency to execute growth marketing tactics. 2. Data on growth marketing effectiveness.
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I highly recommend to check it out.
Thanks for hunting us @lisadziuba. After previous success with Marketing Budgets report (, we decided to launch a new free eBook on the state of growth marketing. Our previous reports were used by companies like Google, Facebook, Salesforce, Unbounce and many more. You can get both ebooks for free, no strings attached.
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That are super useful insights, thank you guys! Most of the articles about GM and I could find on the Internet are very basic. This ebook contains great takeaways for me.
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Is it kind of a research paper on growth marketing ?
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@mikedane7 yes, research on how companies adopt growth marketing and what challenges they face.
Excited to check this out! Thanks for sharing!
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