The Startup Mixtape

A guide to building & launching a high-growth tech startup

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Hey Founders. Check out this amazing new project to help cut through the clutter of information about running and growing a high-tech startup with interviews from over 100 venture capitalists and startup founders - check it out @mixtape and you know, order one for you or support one for a Founder who might not be able to afford a copy and support #diversity in #tech ♥️
@helloduane @mixtape Thanks for hunting, Duane!
Elliott is putting together a great handbook for startup founders. I've known Elliott for years, and he "gets it" and cares about working with founders. The Startup Mixtape is going to be super cool, I'm sure it won't be the usual dry business book, but a cool read that will be fun and educational with insightful founder stories.
Thanks for the support of The Startup Mixtape! I've seen first-time founders struggle with the glut of info online about entrepreneurship. I needed a book to give my students that could give the highlights of high-growth tech startups, so I decided to write it.   We're almost to our first stretch goal to support underrepresented groups in tech/startups, appreciate your support! 😎