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#4 Product of the DayJune 15, 2015
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Steli and I started this podcast because we like chatting about startup stuff together. We thought other people might like to listen in on us as well. We've been in early access mode for a few weeks with no website or podcast feed and are now happy to have a website and some awesome listeners. If you've listened to the podcast, please let us know what you think. If you haven't and want to hear about specific startup topics, let us know.
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@hnshah congrats! Who are some upcoming guests / how are you choosing them?
@eriktorenberg we've got a bunch of requests for guests but haven't started down that path yet.
@eriktorenberg @hnshah is there anyone you would like us to interview and if so who and why? :)
My favorite new podcast. My two favorite episodes so far are the latest episode on 'Predictable Content Marketing' - really helped me to think about our marketing in a more high-level strategic way. The 'Advice on Advice' episode had some great hacks on how to get better at getting (and giving) advice. Highly recommended! :)
It's fucking great and it seems so authentic and real. There are a lot of great podcasts out there but as an entrepreneurial biz dev/sales guy at a startup, really felt a connection with them and the conversation. Felt like I could shoot the same shit right back and for me that goes a long way. Thank you again @steli & @hnshah
@m1lesv that means a lot my man! thx for listening & sharing your feedback! let us know if there is ANYTHING we can do better in your honest opinion!!!
Fantastic podcast. Hiten & Steli are such a blast to listen to. So far they've delivered some really great content to chew on. Spend some time to catch yourself up!
@xmcgraw thanks so much for the kind words :) we LOVE all ENCOURAGEMENT :) What could we do better? What was your favorite episode?? Any detailed feedback is super appreciated!
Awesome! Will definitely check it out.
@matthewberman Awesome :) Let us know what you think!!!