The Standard Freelance Contract

The first common standard service agreement

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@dsdesroc · intercreate
This is super valuable! As an owner of a 1-person (me!) S-Corp, I'm always reviewing/discussing/tweaking and ultimately signing other companys' contracts. They each have their own quirks that often require awkward discussions. I'm really happy there's now, at minimum, a fair reference to compare them to... and at most, a fair and agreeable contract to mov… See more
Leif Abraham
@leifthunder · Co-founder @ANDCO, Partner @Prehype
Hey Everyone! Over the lasts months, we've been working with the Freelancers Union to build the Standard Freelance Contract that is fair for both freelancers and companies and therefore helps to create more balanced and secure work relationships. The contract is built into AND CO's workflow and therefore easily customizable, had built-in alerts and e-signi… See more
Alexandre Vallières
@vallieres · ½ of RGBA.fm | Web Developer | Blogger
Great ideas! Any plans for making it available in other languages? (+1 for French!)
Leif Abraham
@leifthunder · Co-founder @ANDCO, Partner @Prehype
Thanks @werdelin for hunting!
Mario Gabriele
@mdagabriele · Willo
Privilege to have worked on this.