The Standard Freelance Contract

The first common standard service agreement

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Henry Fraser
  • Henry Fraser
    Henry FraserKnowledge and legal, Codepact

    Really easy to use, standard terms are much needed


    The connection between the form for entering data and the contract produced could be clearer

    I love the standardisation aspect. This is a really worthy aspiration, and has the potential to lead to better understanding between clients and customers.

    I am also intrigued by the prospect of terms becoming so standard and well known that people can define their agreement simply by noting the areas that depart from the standard. Imagine signing an agreement that just says:

    "The parties agree to the freelance standard terms, with the following exceptions:

    - x; and


    This practice already exists with ISDA standard terms for over-the-counter derivatives.

    The UI for entering information is great and easy to follow.

    The only thing that I worry about slightly is the disconnect form the 'form' type UI for entering information and the rather complex contractual language that it produces. For example, if I choose 'work for hire' as my IP setting, the only way to understand that this means I do not own the IP I create for clients is to read 3 paragraphs of fairly dense legal text. Interested to see if you find a way to bridge that gap.

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This is super valuable! As an owner of a 1-person (me!) S-Corp, I'm always reviewing/discussing/tweaking and ultimately signing other companys' contracts. They each have their own quirks that often require awkward discussions. I'm really happy there's now, at minimum, a fair reference to compare them to... and at most, a fair and agreeable contract to move forward on. Thanks @leifthunder for sharing!
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@dsdesroc Thanks Dave! Great to hear
@dsdesroc same here. This will come in super handy.
Hey Everyone! Over the lasts months, we've been working with the Freelancers Union to build the Standard Freelance Contract that is fair for both freelancers and companies and therefore helps to create more balanced and secure work relationships. The contract is built into AND CO's workflow and therefore easily customizable, had built-in alerts and e-signing, automatically creates invoices and more. Also, the agreement ensure both parties are compliant with the upcoming Freelance Isn't Free Act, an NYC law that takes effect in April and which the Freelances Union helped come to life. We believe by introducing a standard agreement is that vetted by an independent third party, it helps to eliminate the awkward and painful back-and-forth at the start of any work relationship and therefore helps to get to work faster. Tho, it does not stop here. The contract is a living document that anyone can contribute to. Based on all contributions, we will create new versions of the contract that will automatically update in the AND CO app as well. We hope this helps out a lot of freelancers and companies that are freelancer-friendly. Looking forward to hear what you think! Thanks!
@leifthunder That first bit of back-and-forth around whose document to use and then having to re-acquaint yourself with someone else's form, etc. is worthless. Zero value created for anyone. Very cool to get rid of that.
Great ideas! Any plans for making it available in other languages? (+1 for French!)
@vallieres Hey! Currently we don't have new languages planned. But never say never :) #IsThatABieberQuote?
Thanks @werdelin for hunting!
Privilege to have worked on this.