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Hi, I follow Heavybit series (Video series as well). They are great and help us! Would like to ask in your security developer series the topic like Common Criteria, Global IT product scheme has a role? We deal a lot with CC and IoT, smart things software evaluation.... if need I send over a link what it is my mind. and congrat for your series!
@zahotibor that's a great idea for a topic! I indeed encounter many questions on it, and have some ideas for relevant guests. The show is meant to be focused on the developer audience, as opposed to dedicated risk management teams, but clearly much of the CC (and related regulations) impacts how we develop, and is especially important to those shipping hardware. Will probably take a couple of months to get to it, as we have a backlog of recordings to post, but this topic is now added to the list!
@guypod thanks! If our community (Budapest based) could add anything for this topic just let me know. We would be honored to be part of your great series. Cheers tibor