The largest virtual conference on working remotely. Speakers from Buffer, Toptal, Zapier, Dribbble, Fiverr, Product Hunt!
The platform is free to access & offers Live Q&As + Networking + Recorded Interviews for Entrepreneurs, Freelancers & HR Professionals.
I & my team spent nearly 3 months putting the whole learning platform together and getting the right set of topics & speakers on board. There's tons of value for entrepreneurs, freelancers, people managers & those already working remotely or looking to get a remote job. Dates: April 16th-18th, 2019 Audience: 10,000+ Entrepreneurs, CXOs, People Managers, CHROs & Freelancers/Remote Workers from the US, Canada, UK, India & Australia Speakers: 1. CEO, Dribbble 2. Director of Recruiting, Zapier 3. Founder, Product Hunt 4. Head of Publications, Toptal 5. Head of Public Relations, Buffer 6. COO, Doist 7. Marketing Director, Fiverr 8. Head of People Ops, Mural 9. Director of Marketing, FlexJobs 10. Head of Employee Experience, TaxJar 11. CEO, Agenda Topics: 1. HR Manager’s Best Practices for Remote Teams 2. Hiring & Onboarding Remote Employees 3. How to Land a Remote Job - Interview & Resume Prep 4. Building Remote Culture & Engagement 5. Scaling Distributed Teams for Entrepreneurs 6. Getting Better as a Freelancer It's free to access with an optional upgrade for those who want lifetime, on-demand access (need to eat & pay the bills)! Try and attend at least a few sessions and give me your feedback. I'm here all day so ask me anything on remote work. Ignore typos, I'm running on coffee for the last 36 hours. Cheers!
I attended the summit last year and learnt a lot. All speakers provided great value and details from their personal experience of working remotely. I personally loved Beat Buhlmann's interview. He had a lot to share about managing remote teams and his advise really helped me manage my team a lot better. Looking forward to the summit this year. I already got the Premium Pass since I couldn't find the time last year to watch all videos during the summit!