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#5 Product of the WeekJanuary 02, 2020
The Remote Weekly brings to you original content, product tips and latest stories around remote working. Each Wednesday you will receive a personal note on one relevant topic in the world of remote to make you an informed remote worker and leader.
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Hey everyone 👋 A happy new year 🎉 I am sure you are off to a great start to the year! Firstly, thank you so much Chris (@chrismessina) for hunting us! There’s no doubt that Remote Work is the present & future of work! The Economist predicts that by 2035, there could be as many as 1 billion remote workers 😱 In our experience, however, there’s a steep learning curve to be good at the remote work lifestyle. Be it in terms of staying at your productive best, managing remote teams, tackling loneliness or ensuring general mental well-being. With 'The Remote Weekly', we bring to you learnings from our interactions with experienced remote workers and leaders from companies such as Gitlab, Invision, Scrapinghub, etc. Each weekly issue contains: 1. A detailed discussion on one or more latest topics in remote 2. Insights from our conversations with leaders of top remote companies & remote-first makers 3. Personal stories of remote working individuals 4. Finally, top remote-first products launched through the week You can read all the previous issues here. Would love to hear your thoughts/ feedback. A bit of background about us - we are big believers in remote working and are building a community of remote workers at Remote Tools to discuss, learn and grow remote work. We have some exciting updates lined up in the coming months. So, if you are equally passionate about remote work, do check our community out 👻
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Thanks for your great work for the remote community - awesome insights, every time!
@teamcoscreen Thank you so much for the kind words Till :)
As a subscriber, it's been great to get on-point content in my inbox on a regular basis...keep it up!
@lnchoi Thank you so much Ellen :)
Love your newsletter page 🙂
@devanshbhikajee Thanks a lot Devansh :)
Thank you for making this! Cheers and Best Wishes
@vrushal_kapadnis Glad you like it Vrushal :)