The Procrastinator's Quick Guide To Getting It Done

Strategies, tips, and secrets to manage procrastination.

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I know I'm biased, (since I'm the author and all), but I'm really proud of this. It spawned from me seeing so many people not use their potential because of procrastination. Being a procrastinator myself, I knew that it's not an excuse; procrastination isn't something anyone can cure, but we all can manage it. I've had to manage my procrastination through school (I got a master's degree) and throughout my career. This e-book is my way of helping people manage their procrastination and move closer to their life goals.
@rodconwi is Product Hunt the best kind of 'procrastination' ?? ;) Productive procrastination at it's best! Also I can't write procrastination with wanting to write pro-cat-stination 😏 Would love to know the writing process behind this book? How did you get here?!
@bentossell This product erupted from the idea that I see so many people procrastinate on their dreams, goals, or next steps in their career. Being a big procrastinator myself, I knew that I could help them manage their procrastination, so I created this. I was part of Gumroad's Small Product Lab, which I had to brainstorm, create, launch, and sell a product within 10 days. It was 10 hectic and crazy days, but I wrote my heart out. I made sure that every strategy I used to battle my procrastination was included in this. To make sure that this was quality work, I enlisted an editor. Interestingly, I used my procrastination management skills to write a book about procrastination management. :)