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When it comes to conversation with chatbots, I believe this is whats gonna happen. 80% of the people or should I say 90% hate typing. Its all about psychology in my opinion. When you know that you are talking with a human on the other end, your conversation style flows more freely and naturally. When you know you are conversing with a bot, for some reason that flow gets constricted. If you were talking with a hotel booking agent on the phone, you would say "I am looking for a deluxe room in your hotel , I ll be there tomorrow at 4 pm with my wife. Do you serve complementary breakfast or coffee?" but you will never say the same with a chatbot as most people have a skepticism built into them when they know its a bot. they are afraid of typing too much and then realizing the bot did not understand. So the same conversation goes like "I need a hotel" and then breaks into a flow of back and forth sentences. This is where user experience or comfort can be brought in. The ones who have added buttons to drive this flow are merely making it easier for the end user. So to summarize 90% people are not going to have a chat history with your bot, they will use your bot if it offers buttons. I saw this in the first 200 users of my bot.