The PONS bed

Ingenious bed with fast toolless assembly and USB ports.

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Hi all! It has taken nearly 2 years of research and development and 6 months of field testing to get to this point – and we’re excited! The PONS bed was born out of frustration with an antiquated home furniture and textiles industry. I moved to Chicago after college and wanted to furnish my first real apartment with high quality furniture that lasted. I was frustrated with the shopping experience, high prices for low quality items, and the lack of customer empathy in product functionality. I had to pay for Zipcars to bounce around furniture stores, wade through overpriced options I didn’t fully understand, and haul home heavy items. My bed frame cost me ~$900, broke on my 3rd apartment move, wasn’t very stable to begin with, and took 2+ grueling hours to assemble. We’re moving more often than ever now: Why does it still take hours and tools to assemble and disassemble furniture? A great mattress, alone, was $2K. I went cheaper of course and that memory foam mattress slept really hot. My sheets didn’t help. I had to buy new power cords for two of my devices; the closest outlet was out of reach for standard cord sizes. A recent mobile trends report from Bank of America ( found that ~70% of Americans sleep next to their phone; and that was in 2015. Even if an inconveniently placed power outlet hasn’t yet forced you to buy a charger with a longer cord or to use contortionism to access it behind a large piece of furniture…wouldn’t you have expected more beds to come equipped with USB ports by now? We also now have phones, tablets, smart watches, Apple pencils, and so on…where’s the empathy? So I started PONS, a start-up that rests on two key pillars: 1) We incorporate technology and clever engineering into high end sleep products to improve customer happiness and utility. Bed frame: Our bed frame assembles and disassembles in minutes with no tools and boasts a premium wood construction, unparalleled stability, and four built-in USB ports. Mattress: Our proprietary hyper-cooling PONSfoam combined with eco-friendly cooling gel eradicates hot sleep. The mattress complements the contours of your body for optimal pressure point relief and freedom of movement. Sheets: Our ultra-soft and luxurious sheets are crafted from 100% premium long-staple cotton and feature integrated cooling nanotechnology that wicks away moisture and expels body heat. 2) We sell them by way of an efficient, thoughtful, and fair online business model. We combine our high end sleep technology with fair pricing, a quick checkout process, direct shipping, and fair terms (risk-free trials, free shipping, free return shipping). Our Smart Friends referral program allows you to earn every penny spent, back.
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@ariaya_haile cool stuff. I tried calling and no one answered the phone. Wanna run by you a great opportunity.
This looks awesome - nice job, Ariaya!
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This frame is approximately $800 too expensive. Anything above $500 for a simple frame is way too much (and no, USB ports don't make up the extra value).
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@jzsd yeah wow. WAY too expensive
@nealrs @jzsd Hi guys! The fairness of the price is something we pride ourselves on, it took a lot of work to make this economical. The key thing to realize is this - the USB outlets and the fast toolless assembly are value additions on top of what is already a very premium bed frame. In terms of the quality of the wood (real hardwood on all rails), the longevity of the product, and the sturdiness of the frame. This frame is built like a tank and meant to last long, technology and engineering aside. This was the gist of the challenge: Achieve (d) from below, under the constraints of (a), (b), and (c), while also adding a custom, UL certified electrical unit and keeping the price under $1.5K, despite the furniture industry supply chain making that tough to do so (turns out the assembly lines aren't set up for fast toolless furniture). How can we make a bed frame that (a) is not a glorified box spring with legs…a bed frame that is truly a robust, beautiful master bedroom piece, (b) is capable of being shipped standard ground (small and light enough packaging), (c) is capable of being assembled and disassembled in a few minutes with no tools, and (d) is the strongest, sturdiest bed frame on the market? (c) and (d) especially do not get along. This was less about bringing a low price product to market and more about making a very premium, empathetically engineered product, affordable and more accessible.
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@jzsd Agreed! And when I am looking at the product, I see its $1299. Not sure how you found it for $800. That is really high for just the frame. and "no tools needed" + usb does not justify that added price point. I would rather spend an extra 30 mins 1 time and save 700. If you had come out with a bed that was competitive in pricing I would have bought it today.
@justin_k I didn't see it for $800, I'm saying that it's $800 too expensive.
@justin_k @jzsd Aside from the points I mention above, this bed frame also comes with free shipping, a risk-free 30 night trial program, free return shipping, as well as a peer referral program that allows you to earn all your money back. Obviously shipping isn't trivial on a product this size. :)
My buddy took a leap of faith on one of these and absolutely loves it. If I hadn't purchased a new mattress and bed frame a few months ago, I would be all over this. The bed frame I bought was from Wayfair and took ~3 hours to put together. Incredibly frustrating experience and I've since sworn off buying furniture that requires assembly.
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Crap. I just bought a new bed. (but I love it)
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