The Pitch - 8: Ironclad

The pitch from Ironclad, YC backed legal automation startup

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Haha, @joshmuccio beat me to this hunt by 2 minutes. I listened to the show this morning. I can definitely empathize with the pain of setting up, distributing, and managing legal docs. Clerky is a useful tool used by most YC companies but it only streamlines a subset of the paperwork (right now). P.S. Here's Ironclad's launch on Product Hunt from a few months ago.
Well that's cool. Honored to be on your playlist @rrhoover I'll let you hunt the next one 😜 You must like short podcasts?
@joshmuccio I actually like long podcasts too. This Week in Tech and This Week in Startups are 1.5+ hours and I'm a regular listener. 😊
@rrhoover We need to get you as a guest! What kind of startups would you like to be on the panel for?
@pitdesi that would be really fun! I'm down for anything, but perhaps something consumer-focused. That'll be more fun. I'm at ryan at
@rrhoover @pitdesi great idea! We're also open to startup recommendations. So when you run into an amazing consumer-focused startup let us know.
Hey PH family! Today we’re featuring Ironclad (, an automated assistant that handles legal paperwork. They are fresh out of Y Combinator and we met with founder Jason Boehmig in San Francisco. Listen as Jason pitches to... Michael Cardamone, managing director at Acceleprise, the SaaS incubator. Mar Hershenson, managing partner of Pejman Mar Ventures, where they invest in very early stage tech startups. Neil Devani, investor and GC at Rothenberg Ventures, where they invest in early stage companies with a focus on frontier technologies. Hope you like it... 😁
Well, the link is broken as I see. Can others see it working fine?