The Pillow Fighters

New iOS keyboard with cute pillow shaped characters



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Ben TossellPro@bentossell · newCo
I'm not a big keyboard fan in general. Emoji's would be as goofy as I get at the moment.... this keyboard is most likely for a different demographic. My main issue with keyboards is that I feel that it is just too annoying to have a few to switch between in whatever messaging app I'm using at the time. Keyboard additions need to either be seamless within the keyboard already or it's just a pain. IMO.
Roberto HoyosMaker@robertohoyos · Founder & CEO, Throwboy
@bentossell Thanks for the feedback Ben. Yes, it is for a different demo you're right. My company's product sku more to a younger audience. Popular keyboards apps like Bitmoji, and gif keyboards work in this same work around way of copy/paste. It's not really a burden to do 3 taps instead of 1 but that's all Apple really allows.
Ben TossellPro@bentossell · newCo
@robertohoyos Yeah I understand you are after the younger demo :) However I'd argue that 3 taps IS a burden vs one... why do so many apps/products concentrate on the number of clicks it takes for a user to do something? But you are right, there's nothing you can do unfortunately
James Shamenski@gladrobot · Running a small dev shop. Love emoji.
This looks like a large technical effort for an artists to just release their custom emojis. There should be a better way.
Roberto HoyosMaker@robertohoyos · Founder & CEO, Throwboy
@gladrobot Thanks, James. The app took 3 weeks to make with one developer that had already made a similar keyboard and repurposed his code. I myself did all the artwork on an iPad Air 2. The goal of the app is really to get fans of my brand to use my IP/characters in their everyday lives in a fun way. Honestly I don't understand why big brands like The Simpsons don't have their own "emoji" keyboard app. It's just advertising for the brand and controlling your own app allows for you to release update packages or even in app purchases.