The Path to Printmaker by Swift Galleries is for photographers who are tired of wasting their already limited time on things that aren't actually moving their business forward. They'll leave with a clear path and action steps toward a photography business that feeds their family and their creativity, while turning clients into raving fans.

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Our new Path to Printmaker Sales Framework will walk photographers who have never done In-Person Sales step-by-step into the sweet, sweet land of better sales and happier clients. Here are the three main steps to the Path to Printmaker: 1. Learn - In the first phase of The Path to Printmaker, you'll learn how to attract clients who want physical products, how to build excitement for those products throughout your sales process and how to make the sale, without feeling like a sleazy salesperson. 2. Leverage - Next, we'll walk you step-by-step through setting up and using the Swift Galleries In-Person Sales tool to support the exact process you just learned. 3. Launch - Since knowledge and tools without action are worthless, this last step in The Path to Printmaker will show you exactly what you need to do to transition your business to your new sales process, how to update your web presence to attract the right clients and how to launch your new process to your past, current and future clients. We're crazy-excited to put this new framework out into the world so we can help more struggling photographers make a good living doing what they love, without them feeling like they're selling out. Questions? Lemme know, I'd love to answer them!