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Adam Davies@adammydesign · Web Developer
One problem I can see happening a lot already is the magnet going missing. With this being the locking mechanism and the way it actually holds the paper the product will be come a plastic phone stand very quickly. I like the idea but anything that has a part that comes off the main piece just doesn't seem logical on a device that is made to be portable.
Joost Schuur@joostschuur · Platform Evangelist, Playmob
@adammydesign Presumably you can use just any small, round magnet. They're not hard to come by.
Adam Davies@adammydesign · Web Developer
@joostschuur I agree but it's not something you should really have to do with a product. It's more of an observation that criticism.
Mat LefkofskyMaker@mat_lefkofsky
@adammydesign @joostschuur Hey guys. Thanks for the feedback! We have discovered this problem as well and in order to combat it we plan on including extra magnets with each order. On top of that we are working to design a compartment to better secure the magnet when it is not in use. Thanks for checking us out!
Simon Bromberg@shimmb · CTO @DashMD ,
Why did this need to be reinvented?
Mat LefkofskyMaker@mat_lefkofsky
@shimmb When we first thought of this idea, we of course scoured the internet to see what already existed. Many of the similar products you can purchase require the device to be attached to your laptop with adhesives, break incredibly easily, and some do not even hold papers like they were designed to do. We wanted something to alleviate those problems and we also added the additional phone stand feature that no other document holder has.