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Harry Stebbings
Harry StebbingsMaker@harrystebbings · Podcast Host @ The Twenty Minute VC
Joining us today, I am delighted to have @russfujioka, US President at @Xero, the world's fast growing SaaS company making accounting software beautiful. Prior to joining Xero, Russ was the Global Vice President of Marketing at @Dell, EIR at @BessemerVP and held executive roles at the likes of @Adobe. In today's show with Russ we discuss: How Russ came to be US President at the world's fastest growing SaaS company? How has Russ seen the SaaS industry change over his 25 years? Why does Russ believe all the SaaS best companies are founder led? What were the determinants that allowed Adobe to go from 40m to $1bn? How does Russ view the current competitive landscape for accounting software? What were the main benefits of experiencing the VC industry with Bessemer? In a round we call the 60 Second Saastr, we also hear: Which pubic markets SaaS company does Russ most respect? Russ' favourite SaaS resource? Is accounting software a winner take all market?
Russell Fujioka
Russell FujiokaMaker@russfujioka
Was such a great pleasure speaking with Harry on this Podcast. Funny these type of conversations make you look back a bit and really articulate and thank those people and companies that have helped you in your career. I was able to do that here. What and entirely great journey I have had and so many people to thank. Hope I can pay it forward to others as I continue on.