The Non-App Calendar

A printable calendar for goal oriented planning

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Hey! Thanks @mijustin for posting it. I built Non-app Calendar to help everybody define their goals and plans. It's a 24h project (from idea to launch), inspired by @nathanbarry Feel free to ask me anything about it, process, design etc!
@mijustin @nathanbarry @gregoiregilbert For a 24 hour project this is fantastic. I'm barely able to get a long lifecycle email done in that time, let alone an entire project like this.
@joshsmith Thanks Josh! To be fair, I've had this idea for a pretty long time. Plus, I've been using the process for more than a year. :)
@gregoiregilbert Nicely done! Glad to inspire new products. 24-hour products (or similar) are great for ideas you've been thinking of for a while, but haven't been able to do any real work. It's the perfect amount of time to just do it!
@nathanbarry Thanks for all the work you do for our community :)
This is exactly how I break down my goals. So awesome to see a calendar actually built for the way I work.
printed calendars. old school. love it.
@ali_moiz Thanks Ali :)
Looks awesome!