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-ғάвισ-Maker@fffabs · Founder
Hey Team, We've redesigned and rebuilt Vossier, our free tool to help everyone become better interface designers. It's absolutely free to receive our briefs, source files and feedback. If nothing else sign up and steal our work :smile: We'll monetise Vossier in the future by selling various design assets, including our older briefs and source files. However, if you sign up to Vossier today, you'll get all of of our previous briefs and source files for free (without having to wait for the store). We're also launching in partnership (not sponsorship) with Opera and have a few exciting collabs coming up in the next few weeks. If you have any questions let us know :smile: Let's do this!
Ettore Tortora
Ettore Tortora@ettoretortora · Product Designer
@fffabs Great idea and lovely website, congratulations! One question: I've noticed that the source files are only for Sketch. Are you planning on adding source files for Photoshop as well for future briefs? If not, you should specify that in your FAQ section. Also, some of the links in your email are not working (logo and social icons).
Chris Messina
Chris Messina@chrismessina · Product designer & entrepreneur
@fffabs congrats on the relaunch — what did you learn in the meantime? Why the relaunch?
-ғάвισ-Maker@fffabs · Founder
@chrismessina thank you so much Chris! We learnt a lot and grew a nice little community in the ~7 weeks since we launched the first MVP but we also understood that many of our users were not as interested in paying for the focussed feedback while at the same time a lot of other subscribers were not getting the same value and learning experience. We are still learning a lot, from the feedback of our user-base as well as from new collaborations like this one with the good people at Opera.
-ғάвισ-Maker@fffabs · Founder
@error23_ thank you Ettore! We work mainly in Sketch, it's a tool we know really well and which allows us to move quickly in between briefs. We did however try out Adobe XD and we are not opposed to launch more briefs using Photoshop, it will require a bit more time for us and we want to make sure it will be a justifiable choice if enough of our users are comfortable with either programs. Thanks a lot for letting us know about the broken links, we'll take a look at them shortly.