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While some are not a fan that the check-in experience is now in a separate app (Swarm), I'm a fan of the new experience. I've used Foursquare for years now to discover places to go and have never been let down. Foursquare is indispensable for place discovery if you live in a city or travel at all.
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@mg I've always enjoyed foursquare data over yelp rants
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@mg Some people swear by Foursquare as a local search app, especially in some international markets. That said, Dennis has made clear he wants it to be an everyday app for people in their home cities.
@conradd Agreed, but "Expertise" smells a lot like "Elite" to me.
@mg Foursquare really shines internationally. I still way prefer Yelp domestically. Sad that both have neglected their desktop web experience, though.
@sachinag I'm just sad they removed your total check-in count from the web experience. :(
TBH, I joined the Foursquare bandwagon when it first launched but stopped using it shortly afterward. But more recently I visited NYC and found it to be the best way to search for coffee shops and restaurants nearby, far better than Yelp in that city.
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@rrhoover you should check out my lists for your next visit ;)
@rrhoover I agree that Yelp is best used when you are looking for somewhere you already know about. My primary Yelp use cases are (1) looking up an address of a known place and (2) bookmarking a bunch of places I found on Heatmaps in a city I'm visiting for easy reference getting there later.
@philtoronto you've proven to be a good picker already. Will do!
@rrhoover Hey thx! We've been hearing this from people ("Foursquare search is so much better than Yelp!") for 2+ years... the problem has been that in the old app, many people didn't even know you could use 4SQ for search since checkin was so front and center. Glad we finally fixed that.
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@dens there might still be more you can do with affordance in the labels/around search, yelp uses a lot of real estate to almost suggest what to kind of search near where. I might do something like change the label to "Search for food, drinks, etc" and change it based on the context of the day / location. As well as potentially micro text underneath. Something to explore!
My circle of close friends and I are Foursquare power users. We literally use it as a way to stay in touch regarding everyone's whereabouts on any given night in Portland. The separate apps has tripped people up a little bit, but I think it makes sense from a business standpoint. The total market size for the discovery use case is far greater than those of us in the check-in-crazy category. With checking-in being at the center of the original Foursquare app, I can see how the users they are competing with Yelp for would have been turned off. Now those of us who check-in everywhere can continue to have that experience, and Foursquare can focus on creating a better discovery solution, which happens to be integrated with my check-ins. I like the idea. I hope this new app makes me stop missing Oink. I really miss Oink.
As one of the first foursquare users, I've always enjoyed the app. I like that I have an enormous amount of checkin data, and it has been helpful to find local things. But, this feels a bit wide in focus. While I totally get it, the conflux of functionality and ad revenue is going to be interesting to see.
I'm a Foursquare power user in NYC & have a sizable contingent of close friends who also check in regularly. I pay for international data when I travel in large part so that I can check in & use tips to navigate. I've loved Foursquare for years & really want them to succeed. I think Foursquare 8.0 is a HUGE step forward in finally delivering on the promise of personalizing based on the several years & 4000+ check-ins worth of data I've shared with the app. I understand the reasoning for making discovery a focus in itself & my initial impression of the new experience is great. However, I do have one major concern which is that the Swarm + Foursquare 8.0 split seems to have optimized entirely for consumption of tips & not for creation of them. I was never a huge tip writer but every time I've left a tip it's been spur of the moment & inspired by the act of checking-in. Never have I set out to leave a series of helpful tips for my friends at various locations - and I think the sort of user who does that is very niche, very opinionated & probably closer to the Yelp-style reviewer than the breezily authentic tip writers that I love about Foursquare. By taking the ability to leave tips out of Swarm, it seems the new system has drastically reduced the opportunity for casually given advice.
@ecetweets Really? I think the new Foursquare is 1000x better at teasing tips out of people -- the "add tip" button is on the top right of every page! :) Also, the "Here" tab tasks for tips and the "Add Tip" screen gives you a list of all the places you've been to AND lets you know which ones you already left tips at. (ssshh, but in the 4 hours since we launched the app (!) we already got 5x as many tips (!!) as we normally get in a 24 hour period)
@dens Great to hear re: early performance of tips - hopefully keeps going in that direction! And awesome to have you answering questions here! If you have time to answer more, here's another one: haven't been out in the wide world with new Foursquare yet, but if reading tips, leaving tips & checking-in to Swarm are all built into "Here" tab, seems like I will mostly be firing up Foursquare > Here when I get places rather than Swarm. Feels like a regression on the new behavior I've "learned" in the past few weeks of transition e.g. open Swarm to check in, open Foursquare to learn about places. Is the assumption/goal that most people will be checking in to Swarm via Foursquare (where they can also read & leave tips)? If so, was the split largely driven by privacy distinctions + wanting to really optimize for the more broadly appealing discovery use case.... or do you really think there's a sizable group of users out there who just want the check-in side & don't care for tips at all?
@ecetweets There are two separate questions here, so let me address each. 1) If you use both apps, what should your flow be when you get to the place? The answer, for me, is it depends on the place. If it's somewhere I've never been, the fastest way to find out what to order or see is Foursquare > Here. It takes seconds. Then I might check-in later, and the Swarm button is convenient. If it's a place I go a lot and don't care about tips, the fastest thing is to just open up Swarm, it'll snap to my location quickly, and check-in. That's for social and personal history reasons. 2) Do we think there are people who would use just one app? The answer is absolutely. We think there's a *huge* potential audience who just wants great personalized recommendations but has no interest in social sharing. The check-in, we know, can be off putting to those people.