Tiago Craveiro
Tiago Craveiro reviewedThe New Digital SchoolA design school with no teachers, curriculum or assessment

The New Digital School is an innovative and efficient approach to digital learning!


Nothing! :)

The New Digital School has been helping HUUB to apply design thinking methodologies to build a product that answers our clients needs. The school has been living inside our ecosystem, breathing from our complexity and helping us to apply the right tools to product development. We're very excited to see the end result in two weeks! Congrats to everyone involved: mentors, students and specially Tiago Pedras and Sara Ramos for the great 1st year!

And for anyone considering this approach to learning, be bold and apply!

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Sara Noronha Ramos
Sara Noronha Ramos@saranramos · Learning Designer @ TNDS
Thank you, Tiago! Working with HUUB has been a pleasure. Let's keep up the good work together 💪