The New Digital School

A design school with no teachers, curriculum or assessment


The New Digital School is a digital design program that aims to cut the crap out of traditional design education. It's completely student-centered and industry-led. Students learn at their own pace through masterclasses by renowned professionals and real projects with partner companies. No one-size-fits-all curriculum but real work experience.

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Roberto Machado
André Luís
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  • Pros: 

    This is the future of Digital Design Education! The concept, methods and ways are all appropriate to train the Designers of the future!


    Just a little bit more of experience under their belt and the world is theirs.

    I've been following these guys from The New Digital School since their beginning and also participating on their events, masterclasses, workshops and the like. Last time I was there, I was invited, as an industry expert, to review the portfolios of the students that were preparing themselves to find a job in the Digital Design market. I regularly interview and hire Designers for our company and as a Digital Designer myself, I think I can recognize talent when i see it. And in this case, I was genuinely impressed with the levels of quality and professionalism that this students could pull off in only one year of studing at TNDS and that was the exact moment that I started to truly believe on the concept of this school. Despite all of the different things, when compared to traditional schooling, TNDS really does work. It works so well in fact, that actually, one of the current students will probably get an offer from our company when they finish this school year.

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  • Daniel T Santos
    Daniel T SantosUX Designer | Lecturer

    The hands on approach to digital design process, mentored by world leading experts, and applied real client projects.


    Both industry and potential students aren't yet fully aware of their existence

    I am priviliged to mentor the leaerning design team at The New Digital School, by challenging them to stay focused on their mission and support them to keep pursuing their purpose and long term vision.

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  • João Andrade
    João AndradeUI/UX Designer

    The way you could define your journey throughout the year makes your education unique and a perfect fit for each one of the students


    Its hard to make people, that are accustomed to the "traditional" education, believe on this process.

    I'm a student from the 1st class of TNDS and i must say that I'm really proud to be a part of this amazing and innovative project. It was time to make some change in education and make us better ready for the challenges that we will face on our future jobs in this industry, so the The New Digital School is an example that we are capable of doing that, and must of all, it's an example on how to do it well!

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  • Pros: 

    This is preparing students in a realistic and innovative way to the digital industry. I've been so impressed with the level of the students.


    I can't wait for them to be discovered by the whole world and scale up

    We had the luck to be the selected client for one of TNDS Design Sprints. The output of this week is valuable work that is being implemented on our platform as we speak.

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  • Tiago Craveiro
    Tiago CraveiroCo-Founder & Business Manager

    The New Digital School is an innovative and efficient approach to digital learning!


    Nothing! :)

    The New Digital School has been helping HUUB to apply design thinking methodologies to build a product that answers our clients needs. The school has been living inside our ecosystem, breathing from our complexity and helping us to apply the right tools to product development. We're very excited to see the end result in two weeks! Congrats to everyone involved: mentors, students and specially Tiago Pedras and Sara Ramos for the great 1st year!

    And for anyone considering this approach to learning, be bold and apply!

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  • Pedro
    PedroCo-founder @

    Amazing management team, great location and most importantly: an amazing attitude and (new) learning process.


    Nothing to add here, really.

    I've meet the TNDS for a while and I can only say great stuff. They even organise workshops with awesome experts that I've felt the need to send my team over to Porto to participate in them.

    For anyone considering work in digital (design), defo the place to go.

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  • Pros: 

    At TNDS you will learn from the best people in the field.

    You will learn everything about digital, but also about people and team working!


    This is the way for education in general, it just needs to scale

    I'm really happy to be part of this aspiring project, as a student. Nowadays the traditional academia is broken, specially in the design field, that changes everyday.

    At this school without teachers and curriculum, you have an open program that fits everyone's needs, with real projects and masterclasses about a lot of different topics, where you will discover all the actual trends, concerns and problems digital design is facing nowadays. More important than that, almost 10 months after the beginning of the school, I'm feeling confident and prepared to start a job as a UX/UI designer.

    Recommend to all of you!

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  • Jorge Moutinho
    Jorge MoutinhoArchitect / Trader

    What I needed was a course that was exactly like TNDS: with a programme that would get me an overview of all the digital subjects I wanted.


    So far, so good!

    Although I am probably not the typical student that wants to get a job, it surely had helped me in getting a good yet general view of the digital world, and allowed to meet a lot of people in these areas which are definitely helping in making some of my ideas/projects come true.

    The big difference about this school – something that I was happily able to read ‘between the lines’ when I signed up – is that it doesn’t only focus on the hard skills like coding or working with a specific piece of software. It will do that if you ask for it but the best part is that TNDS will focus (and make you focus) on the soft skills. In your human skills so to speak. It will help you understand what you need to know, it will provide it and help you get there. For me that is the only way to learn something in depth. Something you are previously interested in, that you want to know more about, and that you find useful in a near future. TNDS allows you to develop the confidence and knowledge for you to be able to do that with your own projects, both during the course and after you finished. And that kind of sums it up and shows how anti academic it is – it doesn’t have a fixed set of rules or parameters. It adapts to your needs and current skills and then helps you to grow that skillset and makes sure that you are ‘send off’ with something you will use for life. That – as a mastercard add would point out – is priceless.

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  • Pros: 

    Innovative and tested method of training designers for the real world and not what it was 10 years ago.


    Hard to grasp concept at first.

    This is the best training and experience a designer aspiring to great things can get. And being in Porto for a while is a blessing!

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  • Pros: 

    For those who want or need to be disruptive. Great learning in a great environment 💪


    They are breaking some 🔒in this field, so they must be strong and keep going.

    Hope they get what they need to get bigger.

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  • Imran Rahim
    Imran RahimDesigner

    Excellent networking. Awesome masterclasses with professionals that have real work experience and know how to teach.


    It's a new course, there are some rough edges, needs some work. It will get better.

    It's not for the faint-hearted. There's no hand-holding.

    I've used since January 2018. The course itself has finished.

    I'll be updating my comments over the following weeks.

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