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Bias-busting news for busy people.

Bias-busting news for busy people. Balanced. Objective. And Free. Get unbiased reads in four minutes or less, powered by original journalism and A.I.
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The Neutral Site is something long overdue. While conceptual ideas have come before, many were volunteer efforts or ran out of funding and unable to continue to maintain bandwidth. This time, it’s a fully-unbiased-funded project that showcases there are more than two sides to every story. While there is original journalism included, every story comes complete with traditionally Left, Right and Center stories to give readers a balanced overview on topical stories. The business model for The Neutral Site is different from traditional journalism as it does not rely on advertisements, page takeovers of popups. It creates an easy reading experience without interruptions. Powered on the backend by Turbine Labs, an A.I. listening platform, Leigh Fatzinger, company founder is passionate about assisting journalism and showcasing the power of combining artificial intelligence and human creation. I look forward to watching the evolution of this site and their upcoming journalism partnerships (including the hiring of many out-of-work journalists) and efforts to support smaller outlets and publications with organic traffic and community. If I know anything about this team, it is that their hearts are in the right place and they love constructive feedback. Let’s focus on something positive together and see how we can work to reduce misinformation and rumors and eliminate information overload.
@prsarahevans This is awesome -- something SO needed. I'm always struggling to know which major news sites to go to to get unbiased info. Thanks for this!
@prsarahevans @kairi_thornton Kari - thanks so much for the feedback. I would love to hear what you think of the formatting of the stories on the site. Feel free to reach out to me on PH, or you can DM me on Twitter @lfatzinger.
@prsarahevans This is a very needed solution for most of us who gets carried away with biased content. Looking forward to use it!
@kairi_thornton Thanks so much, Kairi! I really needed this in my life. :)
@prsarahevans @_alagan Thanks so much for the feedback, Alagan. We're looking forward to serving you.
Unbiased, fact-based, insightful, up-to-date news. Exactly what I need.
Hi Product Hunt community. Long time listener, first time caller here and both excited and nervous to share something our team has been working hard to bring to life. I’d love to introduce you to “The Neutral,” an A.I. powered unbiased news site that includes original journalism, offers multi-sided views with the hope of driving views, engagement and more back to original news sources. For every upvote received in the next 24 hours, The Neutral will donate $1 to the Economic Hardship Reporting Project and the Online News Association
 (split equally). In answering @prsarahevans question... The Neutral was created to do a few things: -->Eliminate information overload -->Remove bias and offer multiple views -->Give access to news sites not often mention in mainstream media -->Drive traffic, views and engagement to original news sources This has been a labor of love with many resources used from our core company and we believe the site will be a great resource and space for access to current events, viral moments and expose readers to content they might not otherwise see. We use a combination of design, A.I., journalism and psychology that allows readers to consider contradicting views they might not have otherwise been able to actually “see.” Unlike similar concepts in the past, The Neutral Site has a dedicated staff and resources to ensure content is populated daily and will not become stale and stagnant. We also offer readers a chance to quickly click and share their personal point of view so we can anonymously track (and never use or sell) where sentiments lie around various issues. While A.I. will power the trends and breaking news and multi-sided support, it still relies on real humans to pull everything together and make it an actual source of news. When readers share a link to social from The Neutral Site, they’re not just sharing our content, they’re sharing at least two sides to every story. That means an opportunity to showcase unbiased news and an opportunity to drive more traffic back to original news sources. I’ll be available all day (and then some) to answer your questions, listen to ideas and suggestions and do what we can to truly make this the best source of unbiased news possible. Here’s to telling more than two sides to every story, Leigh
This is just in time for the election!
@tom_teynor really proud of what you all have created. it's not easy leading the way. thank you!
I need fast reads and have a subset of sources I reference daily -- this is now top of the pack: @morningbrew_, Ad Week, Shelly Palmer, The Information and a host of other sources.