The Music Importer

Copy your Apple Music 🎡 library into Spotify easily πŸš€

The Music Importer is a simple and easy tool to copy your Apple Music 🎧 library into Spotify.
Since the track, albums, etc... might differ between the two music providers, The Music Provider allows selecting the best match automatically to save your time.
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This the first iteration of a simple tool to move Apple Music library to Spotify. Some features are missing, but feedback is highly appreciated πŸ™Œ As off topic: After thousands of unfinished side projects, although a lot of them were close to be done, this is the very first one I finally decided to make it real. 🀘
Thanks, great tool!
Is there some sort of indicator to show what tracks were not able to be imported? I know a significant amount of my Apple Music library is not available on Spotify, and it would be interesting to see a readout of what tracks were not able to be imported.
@vivianleenet Hi Vivian, you can filter all the tracks that couldn't be matched once the migration has started. Feel free to reach me out if you still have any problem or have any other question 😊
The service is bombing on my Chromebook. I'm going to try, but it keeps asking to verify my Spotify account, which was previously done.
hey @andy_abramson1 thanks for your feedback. Since this is a free app the servers overload with big files, so I'm working on some optimizations to avoid issues. So far it will be fixed for most users.