The Mobile Tailor

Innovative bespoke tailoring services powered by your mobile

The Mobile Tailor is a professional tailoring services app with a twist... you get to 'design' your own shirts using our interactive app and have it pickup by any our team of professional tailors closest to your location. We look forward to the community feedback to help us improve the app. Thanks!

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Hi guys! Thanks for the checking out the mobile tailor app. Please we'll appreciate your feedback and/or experience so far with the app to help us make it better. We look forward to your conversation here
@maxpraise You might want to mention in the description that it's only for men.
@maxpraise @sf_citygirl Thanks so much for the feedback. Although we are working on something for the ladies but i'll update the description on The Mobile Tailor
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So this is for clothing designers and also allows them to produce and ship? How easy is it to scale, minimum/maximum orders and is it Africa-only for now? Something like this for Canada would make my life complete.
@arvinallen Thanks Allen for your feedback. Our plan is to scale across Africa, US, Canada and the UK. We do not currently have a Minimum/Maximum order threshold, however, for international orders, we recommend a minimum of 2 or more orders in order to compensate for shipping fees.