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'This episode of the minimalists is brought to you by...nobody. Because Advertisements suck' - sold
@siddygups Yeah I love hearing that part.

In this episode of The Minimalists Podcast, Joshua Fields Millburn & Ryan Nicodemus attempt to answer the following questions:

What is one thing you always thought you wanted, but then, once you got it, you no longer wanted it?

How do you gradually declutter your home?

How do you explain greed in our society?

What do you do with the old photos after you scanned them?

How do you deal with the natural pulling away from friends with different values?

When is The Minimalists’ documentary coming out?

What charities do The Minimalists support?

Do The Minimalists gain any money from their website?

Complete show notes: minimalists.com/podcast


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The topic that these guys are discussing is really very interesting and important. Everyone considers himself to be good and wonderful, but where do the negativity and problems in our life come from, indeed? It is complicated to come to the truth, without understanding how our consciousness works. An interesting point of view on this issue in this program https://allatra.tv/en/video/sozn.... This link clarified, that the root of the problem of each person individually and modernly of society as a whole.