The Millionaire Fastlane

Crack the code to wealth. Sounds cheesy, but isn't.

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Stumbling upon this title, I was afraid looking at another cheesy 'GET-RICH-NOW' scam. As the Amazon reviews of this book were not only enthusiastic, but often knowledgeable and detailed, I decided to get the Kindle version. I found out that this book is the ultimate deconstruction of achieving individual wealth. Structured in eight parts and 45 chapters and over 300 so called "Fastlane Distinctions", MJ DeMarco establishes an easy to understand metaphor, the road trip, explaining the most prominent strategies to deal with money (Sidewalk, Slowlane, Fastlane). These strategies are explained in detail (covering sub strategies from education [e.g MBA - not such a great idea...] over choosing company types to avoiding wishful thinking myths] and broken down to - simple, but expressive - mathematical formulas. The risks of each (sub) strategy are discussed in detail, often using citation. DeMarco uses so called "mindposts" (Debt Perception, Time Perception, Education Perception, Money Perception, Primary Income Source, Primary Wealth Accelerator, Wealth Perception, Wealth Equation, Destination, Responsibility & Control, Life Perception) to reflect upon the different strategies. He uses a very direct, sometimes rude, non-academic writing, which I personally really like. If you really want to achieve extraordinary wealth before you get retired, this is the book for you. If you don't _and_ you're happy with your job (and with paying into your Roth IRA) you still will find - sometimes very disturbing - facts and ideas why you should perhaps overthink your investments. The book's entire concept is based on valuable lifetime left. Therefore it'll be more valuable the younger you are.
This book has had a lasting impact on me as an entrepreneur. Don't judge a book by its cover and also name or first chapter! Stick with it through the end, because this book is filled with very valuable insights and actual experiences of a successful and wealthy entrepreneur.