The Milestone Referral by Viral Loops is a referral marketing template to help you get early product adopters & increase sign ups and email subscribers.

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Hi everyone! 😊 After launching Viral Loops for Startups a few months and got more than 1000 upvotes 😍, we're now launching a new Viral Loops template to help companies gamify their referral program with company swag and milestones! It's called The Milestone Referral 🎉 We got inspired by our favorite men's grooming brand, Harry's and the best daily email for tech and business news, The Hustle 🙏 In a nutshell, it can help you build your email list faster, get more signups, run prelaunch campaigns and build a community! Feel free to shoot me with any questions and make sure to take a look at our special gift to all Product Hunters! 🙈
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@savvaszortikis Hey Savvas, congrats on the launch. This looks very similar to our Vira Lead Magnets, that we launched on PH a while ago: Best of luck!
@mnlfrgr Thank you Manuel! I've seen Viral Lead Magnets and seem cool. We've launched a similar concept last year with our Leaderboard Giveaway but with The Milestone Referral, we focus more on helping companies to build a community like The Hustle does. This is why we focus on the rewarding step a lot and integrated with Startup Threads—a service to automatically store and ship company merchandise for your users and customers. Hope to meet you soon and share valuable lessons from our journey so far :) Competition makes both of us better 🙌
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@savvaszortikis Yeah, for sure! I'll ping you next time I'm in London ;)
@mnlfrgr Cool! 😎
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@savvaszortikis We are using Viral Loops and would love to hear your feedback on how can we maximize on our Father's Day campaign: I would love to hear your feedback on this.
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Hey again! A few folks tweeted to me for any live examples. Here is one of our first customers: 😻 Next week we'll start using this template for our own community and email list building activities. 😉
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@savvaszortikis One of your customer posted his URL too, you should ask him if you can use his as a referral too. Clover wasn't a great example for me but Glyder was
@ryanmtaylor Hi Ryan! Thank you for the feedback. I love Clover letter's referral program, but this is my opinion of course :) You can also take a look at this one: Hope you like it!
Awesome template @savvaszortikis! 🎉🎉🎉 I have a B2SmallB client and I was wondering if you could give me any ideas about what the prizes could be. Is it normal for B2B businesses to leverage referral marketing as a Growth channel?
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@imvassilis Glad you like it Vassilis! 🙏 If your product is paid, you can run a double-sided program in which the referrer and the invitee are rewarded—attribution of successful referral—when the invitee signs up or becomes a paid subscriber. If you choose the latter, you will notice a decreased your k-factor, but you need to check the trade-off between this and the value of each referral (LTV). In Viral Loops we use the former and now launching The Milestone Referral for our own company, as it will help us build: 1) our email list faster We focus a lot on content marketing and therefore our email list is crucial for distribution and converting subscribers to actual signups and customers. 2) a community By giving nice company merchandise—and not just a t-shirt with your company name—people will actually wear these and spread the word about you. This will also help you make your customers happy and may have an impact on retention. Let me know if you need to go deeper in any of my points 🙃
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Great stuff guys!! Looking pretty slick too. This template was what we were looking for last year and ended up building our own. This should save us a ton of time when we run this kind of promo again.
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@george_vou Thanks for your feedback George! Keep it up 💪
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Great work @savvaszortikis! Integrations with platforms like yours are some of the things we have wanted for a while at StartupThreads. Was curious if you plan to add more triggers for rewards so you can get more granular in how you chose to reward a community?
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@frank_denbow Hi Frank! We're big fans of Startup Threads and this is why we made it a core module :) Currently, triggers are based on the number of referrals. What type of triggers do you have in mind?
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