The Mighty Niche Name Generator

A new tool to find your audience.


I built the Niche Name Generator because I wanted to create a better way for entrepreneurs to find and name their unique niche, or target audience. For those starting up, this can be the super frustrating. So, I built the tool I always wanted. It's like a business name generator, but focused on who you serve.

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Audra Lindsey
Amy Jackson
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  • Hugo founder

    Easy, quick and fun



    The results make you realize that it's worth trying different combinations because some of them are really great.

    Hugo has used this product for one week.
  • Pros: 

    It's tons of fun, and helps give you that creative spark to move forward with that idea you've been holding in the back of your mind.


    It could always use more word combinations!

    It makes me smile, and I think everyone should try it out.

    Katherine Root has used this product for one week.