The Membership Economy

Find your super users, build recurring revenue

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Ryan Shook
Ryan ShookHunter@ryanshook · Creative Director
The subscription model has become one of the biggest revenue drivers for many web based companies but for every success there are dozens of subscription model businesses that never gain traction. In The Membership Economy @robbiebax explains how tap into customer loyalty in a new way and avoid the pitfalls that often stand in the way of recurring revenue.
Erik van Mechelen
Erik van Mechelen@decision_ · Essayist and fiction writer
@ryanshook Will check out! Thanks
Paul Luxford
Paul Luxford@paul_luxford · Director, WPGeni
I really enjoyed this book. I am building my own recurring revenue business and I got alot of useful tips that I have already applied in my business. There is simply nothing greater than predictable recurring monthly/yearly income. Knowing your income is coming in every month, removes the selling > production cycle which allows for growth and also a much greater business valuation if you decide to sell.