The Marvel Duel

Which Marvel team will rule them all?

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Thanks for hunting The Duel @jsneedles We created The Marvel Duel as a home exercise as part our recruiting process of full stack engineers. The idea was to build Marvel Super Heroes duel where the player chooses between two random Marvel characters and needs to pick one (think Tinder for super heroes). After 5 rounds the Hall of Fame of the winners is displayed. The goal was to give the candidate a chance to show us what they know using their own tools building it from scratch. And later we followed with discussion about the how and why. We really enjoyed it, so we decided to make @chenroth’s, our first engineer, exercise public…Enjoy, and help us find which Marvel team will rule them all.
Looks awesome! :) definitely going to use this.
@arielassaraf Thanks, something for the weekend
Cool! Want to try it. Any updates in plans?
@kevinosuna1989 we have another task related to the duel for the current candidate, but you are welcome to offer
@elliotronen 👋 Marvel. ❤️