THE LOOP by InVision

Explore IBM’s inspiring design thinking transformation

#4 Product of the DayNovember 14, 2017

THE LOOP is a design documentary by InVision.

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How does a 100-year-old company change course to become a design-forward business? We dug into IBM’s inspiring design transformation to learn how design thinking redefined business outcomes at one of the world’s largest enterprises. Featuring Phil Gilbert, General Manager of Design, and IBM Distinguished Designers Doug Powell, Adam Cutler, and Liz Holz, THE LOOP candidly explores the philosophy—and processes—used to elevate IBM’s product design practice and influence market outcomes. We hope you enjoy the film! See the documentary here
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@clarkvalberg awesome! watching now
@clarkvalberg Excited to see this hitting the streets! I was fortunate to have a sit-down with Phil a few weeks ago during the launch event for IBM's newest Design Studio at Wework White House. Got to pick his brain about how he transformed IBM's design culture, and he told me this video was coming out. Looking forward to checking it out!
Seems like every week InVision is launching new innovations and changing the way a company builds it's brand. Outstanding!
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@kligman Thanks so much sir!
I've been really enjoying the Design Better podcast. Looking forward to watching this. Great to see a company like Invision telling stories and sharing design experience.
@sgoudie Thanks, Samuel! And for your kind words about the Design Better Podcast too!
Now that's content marketing.
Anything by Invision. Just upvote it. These guys are the only one's who make awesome products all the time. One question though, do u sleep ?