The Light Phone

Credit card sized phone that works with your existing phone

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The use case for me is a big one; vacations. Leave my smartphone in the cabin, bring this to the beach. It's too easy to get sucked in to Twitter or Instagram after checking a text message. The problem for me is a big one; my phone is my camera. Hard to leave that behind. I had some ideas, verging on feature creep: 1. Basic, pager-like texting using codes. 2. Camera. Take pictures now, view later.
@bradenhamm Thanks! Sorry I didn't realize this got hunted somehow, I thought landing pages couldn't, but thank you! It's crazy the two ideas you have are exactly what I'm interesting in exploring. I imagined the camera even being its own tool, like the best point and shoot ever that maybe only has an optical viewfinder. The pager-like codes we see being used to do lots of interesting "IFTTT" like things, sort of making the phone like a remote control of simple commands. Thanks for the feedback, so good to hear. For now I guess I also have been shooting mostly film photos so I imaged this being perfect for photographers because they can use their real camera and this. I like the idea of many tools that do one thing so well. Cheers!
@fiveonthat I hadn't thought about IFTTT! That's an amazing idea.
Interested to see how this actually works. They say you can leave your existing phone at home but where does the connection come from?
@timsavolainen simple call forwarding. Important calls will forward to your Light Phone, but distractions and notifications wait for you on your smart phone at home.
So many questions on this one. How does it work? Connection? Does it break if you put in wallet? Is there a prototype? Price? Looks too good to be true an idea. Looking forward to it.
@manikarthik Yeah definitely a lot of questions and not many answers via their site. It's launching on Kickstarter soon so hopefully more details will be released.
Elegant piece of hardware... Reminds me Naoto Fukasawa‘s remote!