The Leanest Digital Stack by Crrux

One software to market, sell, support & manage your business

Crrux work hives are the unique new way to work digitally across an ecosystem of employees, customers, and external partners. One software to drive work, content, conversations and collaboration end-to-end.
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Thank you @kevin for hunting our product Crrux! My whole team appreciates it a lot. Hi Product Hunters, My name is Sumeet. I am one of the founders and the CEO at Crrux. Our team is happy to present our unified collaboration & work management suite.  We want to enable our customers to do more with less while avoiding a swarm of apps and tools, which are actually sapping productivity. We hope you enjoy using our product and  enhance your productivity, reduce digital stress and save substantial $$$. Some key features to explore: - Manage all types of work (tasks, support requests, sales deals) as kanban boards - Post items and replies via email Share with guest users by just typing their email id in the access field - Web clipper to clip parts of web pages and shareIntegrate - Google custom search to aggregate web content around topics of interest from select set of sitesTo use on mobile devices, just visit and add to home - it works like a native app - Post replies/comments to All / Just Editors / As private note We can't wait for you to try our product and give us your valuable feedback!    We have just begun and with your support we shall be able to realise the dream of bringing the smartphone moment (convergence) to B2B Work Apps.    We have quite a few things on our roadmap, we keep prioritizing it based on customer feedback and try to be as responsive as possible in fixing issues and releasing enhancements. Few key capabilities coming soon are: - Integrations with other apps especially from Google - Create Custom boards - Gantt chart - DIY interface to configure various labels and fields (doable now also but you need to request us and we do it for you) - Live Chat - Time sheets - Automated workflows Thanks and have a great week!  Looking forward to your feedback and support
My favorite features - Kanban Boards & Search. The search is really good.
I think this is very opt for the current world situation if it also include complete work collaboration and monitoring.
@smocher_la Thanks, we are coming out with intergation to Google Hangout, Zoom and other apps to make it a holistic experience
Very easy to use interface
We use it as a backbone of our India outbound leisure travel business. End to end integration with email system, lead capture, service and fullfillment has made our operations a breeze
@amit_goswami1 Your support as an early adopter has helped us a lot to shape up the product. Thanks